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Personal Life Coaching in London

With Alun Jones

If you've got so much going on that you don't know where to turn, or, conversely, you don't have anything going on such that you feel stuck, then life coaching can help you.

Coaching is a powerful, co-creative relationship that provides the space, strategies and support needed to eliminate the restrictions of life's obstacles and to open the path to the realisation of your success and fulfillment. I will help you to expand your limitations, and become less fearful and more trusting in yourself.

Everyone has different needs, and will be seeking a new or different direction. Together we will explore your options and start down the path together until you have gained the confidence and are comfortable making and executing the plans of where you want to go and who you want to be.

You set the direction. You focus the conversation. And you are the one who benefits from your investment into you. I will not make the assumption that you have all the answers, and I will ask questions, challenge assumptions, offer honest feedback, hold you accountable for your decisions and goals, and encourage and support you to try new things.

If you'd like to ask any further questions before you choose your coach please give me a call.

Very best regards,


Alun Jones
Dip. Coaching; BPS qualified; EFT Practitioner

Name: Alun Jones

Phone: 07711 906065



Country/Area: London