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Personal Life Coaching in Exeter, Devon

With Aleigh Williams

Aleigh is passionate about helping and inspiring others to get the best from life by using Personal Coaching and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.

Aleigh has a Masters in Personnel and Development and is an accredited NLP Coach. She utilises a combination of Coaching, NLP and Human Resources techniques to empower and support her clients in recognising and achieving their personal and professional goals.

Aleigh has spent years living, working and volunteering abroad. Travel and life changing experiences in South East Asia, New Zealand and the USA, have inspired Aleigh to help and encourage others fulfill their lifetime ambitions.

What is Life Coaching?

What if: you could do anything in your life with no consequences. What would you do?

Coaching is all about letting you take back control of your life, your happiness and getting the most out of every day.
When I was first introduced to coaching, I realised that it is possible to lead an amazing, happy life and do whatever I want and whatever I dream about.

So, I ask you if you could design your life journey as the most amazing trip of your life, what would it be like? Who would be around you? What would you see, hear, feel, taste and how great will it be when you have it?

Working with a qualified Life Coach can help you realise your potential whilst maintaining your focus to achieve what it is that you really want from life.

We all have the resources inside us to make our dreams come true and I can help you find your own answers to living how you want to.

The Benefits of working with Aleigh

- Create, design and achieve goals which are tailor-made for you
- Understand your core values and beliefs which can lead to living a fulfilled life
- Reduced stress levels by living in harmony with what really matters most to you
- Making the decisions which are right for you
- Start spending more time on areas of your life which give you the most reward
- Accomplish your dreams/ambitions
- Feel more confident, happy, encouraged and motivated
- Make more money/achieve a better work-life balance.

Each session will be based around your needs and will involve working one-to-one with your personal coach, Aleigh, who will help you to work towards your personal/professional goals and away from what is stopping you from achieving what you really want in your life. A session will usually last 1hr and involve a discussion around the following:

What would be the most valuable area of your life to focus on?
What goal would you like to achieve as a result of the coaching session?
What is your current reality at the moment?
What options do you have for taking action and starting to move forwards?
How committed are you to taking agreed action to move towards achieving your goal?

Aleigh lives and works in Exeter in the South West of England where she continues to expand upon her life coaching and NLP training along with taking time with her family and personal development skills which include playing the harp.

Name: Aleigh Williams

Phone: 07791562347



Country/Area: Exeter, Devon