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Personal Life Coaching in Worcestershire

With Alamgir Khan

I am Alamgir Khan, a coach, mentor and an NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner. I am also qualified in Hypnotherapy and Time Line Therapy (TM) at Master Practitioner Level.

AMK coaching & mentoring is my practice and is based in Worcester and the West Midlands.

None of us are ever the 'finished article' and we shouldn't ever be too proud to admit that we're not. The great news is that we always have the ability to raise our game and get more of the things we want out of our life and career.

Learning and development never stops and are the key to achieving more.

Learning and development are highly enjoyable, satisfying and life-long activities.

I can help you to become the best you can be - in your life and your career

If you truly want to reach beyond your grasp and achieve much more, actions speak louder than words. Contact us TODAY on 07979 884947 or visit our website at and find out more about our special introductory offer!

Name: Alamgir Khan

Phone: 07979 884947



Country/Area: Worcestershire