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Personal Life Coaching in SE London

With Adrienne Marks

I am fully qualified in NLP,Eriksonian hypnosis and Theta Healing and find that each session is organic and therefore it totally depends what processes I use. It also depends very much on the client and what we're working on at the time. I believe very much in positive thinking, mind set, visualisations, affirmations and bring in a wide range of processes to each session as the need arises. I work on various issues with clients - relationship, health, weight, career, life enhancement. self esteem, procrastination - the last two I believe very much contribute to our overall well being. If we believe it, it becomes true; what we put out there we get back. I work with the client on their positivity, motivating and empowering them to find their true potential.

Name: Adrienne Marks

Phone: N/A



Country/Area: SE London