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Personal Life Coaching in Cambridge

With Thomas Hillas

In your life you sometimes need someone to listen to you, to help you in finding your way forward. To support and challenge you when you feel like giving up.

Someone who focuses totally on you, on what you want in your life, and on what will help you achieve it.

For over thirty years, in the UK and abroad, I have helped people get through their blockages, find their self confidence, and live a happy fulfilling life.

I work with young people and adults, with business professionals, academics, couples and single parents.

I am a qualified Life Coach, have a three year Diploma in the skills of Psychosynthesis, and am one of the UK's leading specialists in the Enneagram.

I am also a regular contributor to BBC Radio Cambridge and recently gave a series entitled Get A Life.

Get in touch. You'll find me friendly and easy to talk to.

Name: Thomas Hillas

Phone: 01223 537521 / 07986 285 242



Country/Area: Cambridge