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Personal Life Coaching in Scotland, Ireland & The UK

With The Results Agency

In search of a life coach? Then you're probably looking for a better way of doing things. A way of moving beyond the obstacles - and the excuses.

You've come to the right place!

The Results Agency's life coaching mission is to help professional women create balanced, fulfilled and joyful lives.

We specialise in coaching women who want to stop striving and start thriving.

Typical life coaching clients are professional or business women - like you - who are dealing with change. Maybe it's change you want to make happen, maybe it� change you need to find ways of managing.

Here's how we can help you:

  • by using a sensitive, yet common sense approach that quickly gets to the root of the issue
  • by providing practical expertise that will take you step-by-step to where you want to be
  • by enabling key insights so you can get clear about what's really stopping you
  • by enabling you to reclaim your wise inner self - transforming your ability to create the life you want
  • by inspiring, motivating and cheering you on to success!!

What Makes Results Agency Coaching So Effective:

Results Agency founder Helen Ross-Hamilton is a qualified life coach, therapist and author, with over 10 years experience helping women reinvent their lives. She also has many years corporate experience and is a working mother - and so understands the complex issues faced by professional women today.

Life coaching clients have highlighted her ability to provide "vital, impartial support"; her "incisive questions" and "astute observations"; her obvious "gift for the job"...

"Helen's coaching is instant, practical and life changing." E.S

"I often took action on things that had been 'blocked' a long time..." S.A.

"extremely useful and helpful" H.S

"I will most definitely be recommending your services" A.B

2You have a great understanding of the issues facing women" T.B.

[Lots more from previous life coaching clients on the website...]

Where to Start:

Visit the website and sign up for Helen's monthly e-zine, containing thought-provoking articles, packed with practical "do-it-now" steps. Plus special offers and self-coaching tools

Download your free Life Audit Workbook

Try life coaching for free - book a free life coaching consultation via the website

Name: The Results Agency

Phone: 01506-467970



Country/Area: Scotland, Ireland & The UK