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Personal Life Coaching in UK And West Midlands

With The Game Of Life By Louise Presley Turner

Welcome to The Game of Life.

My name is Louise and I am a qualified personal life coach. My job involves working predominantly with women who want to change their life for the better (and let's face it, who doesn't). That could mean progressing their career, setting up their own business or growing their current business, living their dreams, enjoying new and fun experiences, finding love, creating inner peace or loosing weight. As people become more disillusioned with life and the rat race, they are seeking alternative ways to live and this is where coaching comes in, as it gives people the support, direction, ideas, strategies and motivation they need to turn their life around.

With a good plan of action, lots of patients, focus, determination, motivation and help from a good coach you CAN make this year the year that changes your life forever.

My philosophy for successful coaching is this, to make changes to the outward pictures of your life YOU need to change from within!

No one has ever said living the life of your dreams is easy. It takes drive and determination, persistence and patience, faith and trust in the wonderful power within but most importantly ACTION. The greatest risk however, comes from doing nothing at all. Life is for living not enduring!

Wishing you lots of happiness and joy in your life.


"Has anyone told you what a wonderful difference you are making to the lives of so many other people? You truly have a gift Louise."

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Name: The Game Of Life By Louise Presley-Turner

Phone: 01746 71 61 51



Country/Area: UK And West Midlands