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Personal Life Coaching in 122 Westbury Leigh, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA133SH

With Lodestar Coaching (Suzanne Kimberlin)

Personal Life Coach - about

My name is Suzanne Kimberlin, and I am a Certified Business & Life Coach. I can help and guide you to set personal goals, overcome challenges and to find the direction and inspiration you are seeking.

As your coach I will enable you to complete these tasks, helping you along the way and gently nudging you back on track when your direction wavers or uncertainty lets you down.

I will help facilitate practical solutions for any problems that you encounter, and remind you of your goal when you are losing focus. I will also encourage you to draw upon your skills and ability to achieve it.

If you feel you could use help with any of the kinds of issues outlined above or on the checklist right, or if you are having trouble figuring out why life just isn't going quite right, then get in touch and hopefully we can work together to help you feel good and start to make changes to improve your life.

Name: Lodestar Coaching (Suzanne Kimberlin)

Phone: 01373301215/07887951129



Country/Area: 122 Westbury Leigh, Westbury, Wiltshire, BA133SH