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Personal Life Coaching in Surrey, U.K

With Sukhy Bains

Sukhy is excited by people that want to make positive changes in their lives. She has 20yrs corporate experience, working in various roles in marketing, Personal Development and Information Technology.

She believes in living life to the full and is extremely focused, passionate, energetic and dedicated to achieving excellence within herself and helping others find it within themselves.

Why work with her...
She has an unwavering passion to bring out the best in people
Cares very deeply about her clients
Walks her own talk - leads a very healthy, happy, fulfilling life
Has overcome many life challenges, has much life experience
Is honest and ethical Is an ICF Accredited Coach with 5 years coaching experience
Accredited in using Emotional Assesment tools
Is an experienced trainer in teaching Coaching Skills

"After each coaching session with Sukhy, I walk away feeling on top of the world and able to do anything, face anything or, more importantly, *change* anything.” Ian Collings

Name: Sukhy Bains

Phone: 0791 702 4214



Country/Area: Surrey, U.K