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Personal Life Coaching in Suffolk

With Steve Roche

1. Personal Transformations is a thriving practice based in Suffolk. With around 20 years experience in the self-development field, Steve is one of the most experienced coaches in the East of England. He is an NLP specialist who uses a range of approaches, believing that coaching should be tailored to the needs of the individual. He works with clients in person and on the phone, runs workshops and trainings. These include the popular "Coaching Skills" foundation course, and "Fundamentals of Co-Counselling", a course that develops Emotional Intelligence.

Steve ' s business background includes project management, training, consultancy and facilitation. He has published many articles and writes copy for websites and business products. He is a major contributor to Alchemy, the leading online support resource for managers (free trial copy available from His topics include Action Learning, on which subject he has also published a book: "Action Learning: Using the Power of Group Coaching", which is available from

As a professionally trained actor he features in local theatre and has made several TV appearances (including biggest-ever winner of The Weakest Link).

2. Why work with Steve?

a) Expert Input - I have a wide range of tools and methods to help you achieve specific results. I offer:

  • understanding, support and empathy
  • reflective listening and skilful questioning
  • an objective viewpoint with no judgement
  • honest and constructive feedback
  • practical challenges and action plans.

  • b) NLP - a powerful applied psychology that focuses on practical tools for rapid change, to alter your experience of life and the way you relate to yourself and to others. As a certified NLP coach, this approach is integral to my work. If you know some NLP you will enjoy improving your skills: if you don ' t, then just enjoy the benefits!
  • c) Practical Help - I have access to a range of information, contacts, ideas and resources. If I can ' t answer your questions, I ' ll know someone who can.
  • d) Experience - I have been involved with coaching professionally for more than 10 years, plus many more years working with people in a variety of business, therapeutic & other organisations.

3. You are in a good place to begin coaching if you are:

  • Geared up to make changes in your life starting now
  • In a reasonably resourceful and emotionally stable state
  • Receptive to new ideas and open to different ways of working
  • Willing and able to invest the time, money and energy to start creating your new life.

4. Specialist Coaching areas:

  • a) Business - time management, career development, work/life balance, stress management, work-related specifics like CVs or interviews, creating and marketing your own business or practice.
  • b) Speeches & Presentations - using my experience of acting and speaking to help people refine their techniques and build their confidence in addressing an audience.
  • c) Relationships - improve communications with partners and family, deal with ‘difficult ' people, build your rapport skills, confidence and self-esteem.
  • d) Health - help with managing weight and eating issues, and with recovery from chronic illnesses.
  • e) Personal Challenge - using my background in therapy and counselling to help you uncover and resolve emotional blockages to your progress.

5. Training

My degree is in philosophy. I am a Master Practitioner of NLP, and have practised and taught NLP for around 15 years. I was accredited by ITS as an NLP Certified Coach in 2000. I am also trained in psychodynamic counselling with a diploma in hypnotherapy, and have practised counselling and therapy for many years.

I am an accredited teacher of co-counselling and an active member of Co-counselling International. Voluntary roles have included Samaritan and Business Mentor for the Princes Trust. In recent years

I have practised CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) techniques. My own journey has taken me through many forms of personal development work, and I continue to learn and grow personally through working with my own coaches and supervisors.

Name: Steve Roche

Phone: 07727 658947



Country/Area: Suffolk