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Personal Life Coaching in Brighton / UK

With Erica Sosna

The Life Project is a research, training and coaching company that focuses on tools and techniques to explore and restore spritiual and emotional health. We offer a range of ways of working, from one to one work, to group work and accredited training, all focusing on how your perspective influences your emotions, your choices and your possibilities.

I have worked with individuals in areas as diverse as Weight and Self Image, Relationships and Intimacy, Confidence Building and Career Development. I also mentor social entrepreneurs and provide specific life education programmes for young people based on skills rather than facts.

" Erica's combination on inspiration, enthusiasm and gentleness has enabled me to make startling progress. As a result of her coaching, my business has really taken off and, though I am now pausing to have a second child, I feel the barriers I broke through within myself during my time with her will continue to give me a much broader range of choices and a much richer experience of life. Money really well spent! Thank you so much Erica. " A.M, Dec 07.

Name: Erica Sosna

Phone: 01273 323376



Country/Area: Brighton / UK