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Personal Life Coaching in Canterbury, UK

With Silvertree Coaching

We are Personal Coaches specialising in Career Coaching and Scanner Coaching offering a choice of programmes and coaching to suit your needs.

The Firework Career Programme offers a full examination of your career options starting with what you enjoy doing, looking at your values then moving on to generate a range of choices from which you develop a plan for moving towards your ideal.

If you are not looking to make a complete change of career then the Ignite Career Programme may suit you better. This looks at where you are with your career or business, what you enjoy most, what you would like to improve. Ideal for people who want their current situation to be more successful and fulfilled without searching for a new direction.

The Spectrum Programme is designed for anyone who feels they want to follow many different paths, not just one. It will help you manage your many interests and passions so you can enjoy your life and celebrate your multi-coloured approach.

Name: Silvertree Coaching

Phone: 01227 761120



Country/Area: Canterbury, UK