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Personal Life Coaching in North Tyneside, UK

With Shirley Anne Emmerson

One-Life-Coaching is a dynamic new coaching practice focused on getting the 'best out of you'.

The push and pull of modern day living can take its toll. Many of us just don't have the time to sit down and think about who we are, who we would like to become, where we see our lives going. We feel guilty for dreaming, for daring to think outside of our carefully quilted boxes.

Denying yourself the freedom to think, to dream, to plan and to make changes can lead to maliase,depression and a nagging sense of discontent.

Life Coaching can help you regain motivation, can help you to understand yourself and your inner needs. It can be exciting, challenging and sometimes difficult, but the rewards can be limitless.

Find your inner light. Release your positivity. Learn to live the life you deserve.

Name: Shirley-Anne Emmerson

Phone: 07999 811 874



Country/Area: North Tyneside, UK