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Personal Life Coaching in Oxford, South Oxforshire

With Samuel Haines

“My aims as a life coach are to generate and enable positive changes and goal identification and achievement. I use and apply accepted models and aim to empower the individual to make and sustain these changes themselves…”

As a life coach I have the knowledge and skills to successfully apply, adapt and draw on a range of techniques. These include NLP, CBT, counselling and of course goal setting and goal achievement, which is at the heart of life coaching.

I would not underestimate these techniques as stand alone therapies or treatments and would not claim to be a therapist in each of them individually.

I do however have the professional qualification, membership and experience to be able to offer a combination of the above in a flexible, creative and dynamic way to support and empower the individual to identify and achieve their dreams.

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Name: Samuel Haines

Phone: N/A



Country/Area: Oxford, South Oxforshire