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Personal Life Coaching in London U.K

With Roger Millar

Personal, Spiritual & Small Business Coach

Roger millar is a life coach based in London. His career background is over 11 years in the civil Engineering industry, working for medium and large global consultancies. For the past 4 years I have been mentoring young children and teenagers.

"I coach in a non-judgemental holistic way, working to enable clients to determine a work life balance that best suits them. I aim to help my clients, think and act outside of the box, and in turn realise the endless possibilities available to them. This comes partly by having an expanded perspective of life and setting achievable targets, which lead to their ultimate ideal."

If you;
Feel stuck in a rut, Have unfulfilled dreams and goals,Want to find your life purpose, Gain more confidence, Find spiritual fulfilment and direction,Improve your relationships,change career, Grow and expand your business, want to add to your success then coaching may be the answer for you

There is a growing demand for alternative methods of coaching, business and personal development as more and more people decide, to follow their dreams which can involve new ventures and lifestyle changes, this brings in itself many challenges which can be effectively faced with the help of coaching.

I aim to provide people with a process which enables them to achieve goals and find fulfilment and purpose in their lives. Clients will understand themselves and others more deeply, and set in place strategies that work for them.

Companies will benefit from having a greater sense of direction, teamwork and positive feeling, and provide a forum where short, medium and long term goals can be created in a way that make them stand out from the rest. I also use my knowledge of marketing and people enhance and promote strategies to win new clients and increase repeat business.

My clients are people from all walks of life and ages, with different cultures, backgrounds and careers. They all have in common a desire to change, and a willingness to allow someone to be involved in the process. They are also open to new ideas and trying different approaches to achieve success.

My service is designed to be efficient and cost effective and I offer a 100% money back guarantee for my services as well as a free introductory taster session. Contact me to find out more with no pressure or obligation to sign up for my coaching.

Name: Roger Millar

Phone: 020 8357 9294



Country/Area: London U.K