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Personal Life Coaching in UK, Austria`

With Resolution4Life Margit Jones Hochstrasser

Clients have said:

Your empathy with the situation I was facing was liberating and I knew that I was not being judged. The phrase 'work/life balance' has become part of the modern vernacular but most people merely moan about their lot. Only by thinking and truly understanding the importance of this balance can we achieve happiness. I knew that at the end of each session you would provide positive remedies, by way of encouragement, backed up by information and tasks for me to pursue. The simple task of noting how much time I spent each day on various things was enlightening. I never realised that I wasted so much time on the things that are not important! I would recommend you to anyone who feels flustered at life and wants to concentrate their mind on what they relay want to do, be it a career overhaul or just refocusing on attainable goals within a current lifestyle. Jeremy Banning MA, Freelance Military Historian

I have been working with Margit for some 3mths now.I find her a most wonderful guide and great help. She is always warm and kind hearted and very easy to talk too even very personal difficult stuff.

But she still guides you through things with a firm hand to keep you on the right track. I know that Margit always has my best interests at heart and always there to listen on the phone between our meetings.

I would not hesitate to recommend Margit's Wonderful Life Coaching. Margit has been a fantastic positive influence on my life!! Karen

Also: Business set up, Increase Profits, Motivate and build performance teams.

Resolution4Life - Margit Jones-Hochstrasser, 07912 673 963 or 0207 193 5397,

Name: Resolution4Life - Margit Jones-Hochstrasser

Phone: 07912 673 963 or 0207 193 5397



Country/Area: UK, Austria`