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Personal Life Coaching in North East England UK

With Over The Kitchen Table

Over the kitchen table Life Coach counselling isn't a clinical counselling service if you want a counsellor who wears a white coat and sits behind a desk then we aren't for you BUT if you want a life coach who has lots of life experience who has developed their intuition, listening skills and has empathy for all situations and can provide you with common sense life guidance then we are the service for you.

Just imagine sitting down as if at the Kitchen table, like we all used to, with someone who is there to listen without prejudice, someone who can help you relax and see things clearly, someone who can guide you through your jumbled thoughts and help you cope with Life.

We can do this Completely Confidential phone sessions usually last approx 45 Min's or E coaching is becoming more popular as via E-mail it is often easier for the client to reflect and share, we are also available for pre arranged instant messaging using Skype.

Parenting, Relationships, Stress Management, Separation and Loss these are just some of life's difficulties everyone has to face at some time.

Within all of us is the ability to be happy and succeed at what we want to achieve, we can all learn how to deal with Stress and develop coping strategies to last us a life time.

Name: Over The Kitchen Table

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Country/Area: North East England UK