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Personal Life Coaching in Ealing, London

With Nicol Chaplin

I am a professionally qualified personal development coach from the Coaching Academy and hold a Bachelor of Humanities (Hons) degree in Education and Drama. I also has over 20 years experience in marketing and event management where I have helped clients achieve successful solutions to their communication needs.

I specialises in working with people who face challenges such as: wanting to make a change to their careers or personal lives but do not know where to start or who want to create new work opportunities or those who are facing difficult decisions and need help in evaluating them.

My strength is that I bring fresh thinking to situations that clients believe are impossible to solve. My im is to help my clients view their issues from a different perspective, gain an insight into what makes them tick and to help them use this knowledge to pursue their goals and take control over the direction of their lives.

Clients value my professional, intuitive and common sense approach to coaching.

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Name: Nicol Chaplin

Phone: 0208 810 0428


Website: N/A

Country/Area: Ealing, London