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Personal Life Coaching in UK

With New Horizons Divorce Coaching

New Horizons Divorce Coaching - Creating a New Life for Yourself

Are you -

  • Newly separated / divorced / widowed and wondering ' now what ' ?
  • Used to being part of a couple and finding it difficult to adjust to being single again?
  • Lacking confidence?
  • Finding that negative or bitter feelings are holding you back?
  • Ready to move on but not sure where to start?

As your Divorce Coach I will be dedicated to helping you to reinvent your life after your divorce. I will never judge you or criticise you but will support you in unlocking your potential and taking action to make your life more fulfilling.

The Divorce Coach - Annie O ' Neill

As your Divorce Coach I will help you to:

Decide what you want
Investigate your options
View things objectively
Overcome problems
Renew your confidence
Consider what actions to take
Explore new possibilities
Discover a new, more exciting and rewarding life

I have been divorced once and widowed once so I understand the emotions associated with being on your own after being in a long-term relationship. I have had to reinvent my life on two occasions and am proof that it can be done. I am now self-employed, with a job that I love. I am also married again, very happily.

Name: New Horizons - Divorce Coaching

Phone: 0118 958 5430



Country/Area: UK