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Personal Life Coaching in London

With Nattolie Korris

Life Coach London: helping you grow into the person YOU want to be!

Is something holding you back and stopping you from enjoying the health, career, wealth and relationships you deserve? What many people don't realise is that we often create expectations about what we think we can and can't do based on patterns of behaviour we�e learned �sometimes as far back as childhood.

I help my clients realise that the power to change comes from within - who you are is up to you. Sometimes this change is sudden and striking; other times it is a subtle shift in balance that brings steady growth and change.

Whatever areas of your life you are unsatisfied with, whatever the reason, I can help you to turn it around and to achieve your goals.

I commonly help clients with the following:

  • a new career or a better job
  • self confidence, self esteem, assertiveness
  • making decisions instead of putting things off
  • weight and health
  • love and relationships
  • overcoming depression

Name: Nattolie Korris

Phone: 07708071003



Country/Area: London