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Personal Life Coaching in SURREY


At the end of the day, all coaching and mentoring is personal because it is always about us and our relationship with our world. I suggest that is why we are here on this earth - to learn about relationship with our family, our friends, our workmates, our playmate and anyone else who comes into our life. Through this we learn about the most important relationship of all - the one with ourself.

That's why I am a personal coach and not a business coach or a leadership coach or any other sort of coach. For me coaching is all about listening - about helping you listen to yourself around what you want for your life and then helping and supporting you in creating it.

It matters not what your issues and challenges are, only that they are deeply, personally, yours and that you want to do something about them. You can! - and I can help!



Phone: 01483 211 376



Country/Area: SURREY