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Personal Life Coaching in Nottingham, UK (Tel/Skype Coaching Available Globally)

With My Life Coach

UK's leading coaching provider. Free, no obligation coaching session available to anybody interested in moving forward with a programme. Free Life Tools Personal Development eBook for anybody who signs up to a free coaching session through Find a Life Coach.

My Life Coach provides coaching over telephone/Skype across the UK and globally. Face-to-face sessions also available at My Life Coach office in Nottingham.

Visit our web site ( for more details. You will be able to sign up to our free newsletter allowing you to learn more about how Life Coaching could benefit you, receive free chapters from our Life Tools eBook and a regular stream of personal development techniques.

Proven track record - we get resuilts - see Success Stories section of web site.

My Life Coach can help you:

* Find a job that will really fulfill you
* Maximise your chances of finding a partner
* Start or enhance a small business
* Deal with a work or family issue
* Take full control of your time
* Increase energy levels
* Reduce your weight
* Increase your level of fitness
* Increase your confidence levels and self esteem
* Develop a positive mental attitude
* Prevent others from making you feel bad
* Stop procrastinating
* Create better working relationships or more satisfying emotional relationships
* Lead a more balanced life
* Remove/reduce dependencies on alcohol/nicotine
* Manage stress and stay calmer
* Define your purpose
* Before more effective and happier at work
* Change unwanted behaviours
* Remove fears and phobias
* Positively tackle a significant challenge
* Start a coaching business or increase coaching client numbers

Name: My Life Coach

Phone: +44 (0) 7806 779029



Country/Area: Nottingham, UK (Tel/Skype Coaching Available Globally)