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Personal Life Coaching in Somerset And Dorset

With Mike Howard. Confidence Coaching

I'm more than just a coach.

I m also a qualified counsellor, community mediator, and support worker.

I bring a complete package of skills to anyone looking for a coaching journey of self-discovery, filled with amazing personal achievements, and finished off with a newly discovered sense of confidence, purpose, and self-belief.

I offer a free trial session, and I am available to coach over the phone or in person.

Please feel free to call or e-mail me to find the right package and approach for your needs.

Here s just some of what my customers say about my work

"I found time spent with Mike looking at which way I wanted my life to go emotionally and how I might make this happen both revealing and exciting. I also loved the idea of celebrating and rewarding each step of the way being an excellent measure of life improvement. I also realised how lucky I was not to have any material wants being perfectly happy with what I have"

Carole Robinson (Yeovil)

I have completed seven sessions with Mike and he does exactly what his title, Confidence Coach, suggests which, in itself, is important. Just as important is the way Mike does what he does.

Mikes skills are about his ability to allow you to find the answers within yourself. The key to the issues that I had been struggling with, Mike has shown me, have been within me all the time, lying dormant either forgotten or undiscovered. For me it s been a journey of discoveries and re-discoveries.

Sometimes ones life can be like travelling along a road with high banks on each side and all you see is the same old tarmac mile after mile. (That s what its been like for me, at least.) But get aboard Mikes Confidence Coach& (Never mind The Magic Bus!) and you have a luxury seat, next to the driver, on a tour through the landscape of your life. And you know what? Your way above the tarmac and you can see what is around you, what is on the other side of those high banks. You can see where you are! Where, within the landscape, your journey along your personal road is taking you.

I hope your journey with Mike will be as positive and enlightening as mine. Thanks Mike.

Dave Watts(aged 55 and a half)

Working with Mike helped me see things more clearly how I wanted them to be. Mike challenged me to take the steps that have really made the difference for me. Without Mikes help I would still be wondering what those steps were!

TH, Manchester.

Name: Mike Howard. Confidence Coaching

Phone: 01935 471343 / 07717 883073



Country/Area: Somerset And Dorset