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Personal Life Coaching in Yorkshire, UK, Worldwide

With Michaela Oldfield Green Shoots Coaching

Hello, and a very warm welcome to Green Shoots
Coaching. The fact that you are visiting these pages tells us that you
are investing some valuable time in you, well done, you deserve it!

Who Are We?

I am Michaela Oldfield, founder of Green Shoots Coaching, I am a
qualified Coach through The Oxford School of Coaching and Mentoring
(OCM) and a member of The European Coaching and Mentoring Council

My clients tell me that I am a great listener, and have a knack for
asking those questions that really make them think and achieve
outstanding results.  I genuinely care about the people I work with,
and support them 100% on whatever journey or path they choose, if I am
lucky enough to get to talk to you I hope that you feel this comes

How do we Work?

We believe that people have a fundamental need to be heard, all too
often this is missing in peoples lives.  We may think that our
partners, family and friends are listening to us but how often have
you felt that they are paying lip service because they have things
going on in their own lives.  We will listen, and give you our
undivided attention.  We will ask you and help you to achieve more
than you would on your own.  We will help you to keep focus on what
you want to achieve.  We will ask you powerful questions that will
make you think deeply and challenge your current viewpoint, opening
your mind to new possibilities.  Although we have been Coaching for
many years we believe that our life experience plays a huge part in
the support we offer.  We will be behind you 100%.  In return we ask
that you be truly committed to the Coaching process and the goals you
set yourself, it would be great to wave a magic wand but the truth is
it takes effort.

In Summary, we will:
Create a safe, warm and encouraging place for you to explore your life
from a deeper perspective
Ask questions that really make you think

Help you access your own personal wisdom and help you remain true to
yourself and your values
Tell you what we see in a respectful way

Challenge self-limiting thoughts and behaviours that don't help you

Stop you from selling yourself short

Hold your vision of your best life uppermost in our mind and use it as
the foundation for our work

Believe in you, your future and possibilities, even when you don't

Hold you to the commitments you make and to creating the life you

Here at Green Shoots we are dedicated to working with you to achieve
your goals to improve your life and grow your potential. Some of the
areas we have succesfully supported people with are:

Confidence, self esteem, self doubt
Career, redundancy, CV and interview technique
Learning about and understanding yourself, why you do what you do
Breaking habits, negative behaviours, mindsets and beliefs
Stress management, creating a balanced life
Relationships, family, friends, work
Setting achievable goals
Personal performance improvement

In reality the list is endless because we are all individuals and need
to be treated as such. Have a look around our website and see if you
are drawn to us, if so please get in touch for a free informal

Name: Michaela Oldfield - Green Shoots Coaching

Phone: 01904 733663 and 07847 300914



Country/Area: Yorkshire, UK, Worldwide