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Personal Life Coaching in North East England, Newcastle & Tyne Valley

With Martyn Healy

Formerly senior manager in broadcasting and advertising now available as your coach.

I was a senior director for many years and I know it can e tough at the top - and lonely. I had a personal business coach and it made a huge difference to me and the organisation.

I was so taken by the impact coaching has, that I went out and qualified as a Perfornance coach (business), a Life Coach and a Master NLP Practioner.

Through coaching I discovered that I had all the answers ... I just needed a helping hand ... Now I extend that helping hand to others.

I've helped people to find their direction, prepare for interviews(and get the job), to change their self image, find their inner resources, to feel great going into exams and to simply relax and put things into perspective.

Name: Martyn Healy

Phone: 07954 323245


Website: N/A

Country/Area: North East England, Newcastle & Tyne Valley