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Personal Life Coaching in Maldon, Essex

With Liz Jones

I qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner in 2003 and as a Life Coach in 2004.

Prior to this I brought up four children whilst pursuing several careers:- healthcare and various sales jobs, cosmetics, clothing, nutritional supplements and telecom services.

My many coaching clients have come from various walks of life and professions, all seeking solutions to specific issues such as relationships, career change, stress, confidence, motivation and phobias – e.g. flying, spiders and claustrophobia.

Clientele have included company directors, bankers, teachers, nurses, TV personnel, surveyors, actors, coaches, housewives and many others. I am qualified to teach adults and offer seminars and workshops on NLP and Coaching; these I do together with my husband and partner Bryan, also an NLP Master Practitioner and Coach.

I also offer coaching in the workplace, especially where work is affected by staff bringing personal issues to work with them. Much of my coaching is done on the telephone, especially with my overseas clients.

Name: Liz Jones

Phone: 01621 857 031



Country/Area: Maldon, Essex