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With Lighthouse Lifecoach Practice

Hello, my name is Tia, and as a professional lifecoach I would work with you to find out what your life would be like............

If you removed your limiting beliefs?

If you worked out what you really want in or out of your life?

If you stopped criticising yourself and learned to increase your confidence?

If you began changing things in your life - not because you were told to - but because you were committed to, and had no guilt about doing so?

If you were going to do something different this week that would make you smile?

Have you noticed that these questions are all about you?

That is what lifecoaching is all about. YOU......with clarity, motivatation and support from your coach.

Let me share a little information with you about me..........

I find my work very satisfying and use my wealth of life experience in my coaching. I have over twenty years experience in the private and public healthcare sector. I am a Registered Nurse, and have held positions in high pressure clinical and management posts. I have also been involved in small business start up. Challenges in my life have included divorce; being a single parent; working mum and bread-winner; redundancy and illness. I believe I have come through all of these a stronger and better person at the other side. I am horribly practical with a good sense of humour - this helps with four children! I aspire to non directional coaching, with an intuitive approach. I listen well with a friendly attitude and results oriented mindset.

I enjoy working with people who genuinely want to take their life forward, and are now prepared to work and invest in themselves to make that a reality in whatever form that takes.

If you would now like to find out more, please visit my web-site or pick up the telephone for a no obligations chat about you and lifecoaching.

Name: Lighthouse Lifecoach Practice

Phone: 01292 316508



Country/Area: National