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Personal Life Coaching in Northern Ireland

With Lifecoachni

Having spent over 30 years in the public sector delivering a range of solutions to everyday problems. Neal has dealt with many different situations that have caused people to think its time to GET A LIFE.

Having suffered the experience of stress and trying to get a work/life balance and having spoken to different people he has come out the other side by setting himself goals and achieving them.

Having helped others with relationship problems and through his coaching seen these people change their way of thinking and attitude towards themselves. Some have been angry and now are more relaxed and have a calmer way of life.

Neal gained his Diploma in Life Coaching in 2007 and knew it was the time to pursue his mission to by putting his years of experience to help others and where his skills will benefit all.

Who can we help?

Anyone who is fed up and sick and tired of standing still and going nowhere. Anyone who in their relationship with themselves or with another is feeling alone, stressed, unable to cope, does not know what to do or where they are going. Anyone who is anxious about shyness, dating, mid life crisis, redundancy, retirement or are just lacking direction.

Name: Lifecoachni

Phone: +44 (0)77 6169 2570

Email:  N/A


Country/Area: Northern Ireland