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Personal Life Coaching in London/Surrey, UK

With Leanne Marshall

People spend most of their adult lives at work and yet there are too many people who spend their Sunday evenings in negative anticipation of the dreaded Monday morning. There are also far too many people who are working with managers and colleagues who are not helping them to reach their full potential. You may be someone who wants to achieve something and feel that you need more support than you might be getting from your manager or your colleagues. Even if they are supportive, how focused on your goals are they when the two of you sit down to speak about the direction that your career is heading.

In your work life are you:

Dealing with difficult people?

In a rut?

Having to juggle a number of tasks in a short period of time?

Would you like to:

Manage stress more efficiently?

Manage your time more effectively?

Are you working with difficult people or worse still have experienced bullying at work? Together we will work to overcome these issues and rebuild your confidence and self esteem.

If you know that your life at work should be better but are not quite sure how to go about this on your own please get in touch for a free no obligation consultation session.

Name: Leanne Marshall

Phone: 0203 372 4423



Country/Area: London/Surrey, UK