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Personal Life Coaching in USA/Canada

With Laura L. Jones

At Dakini Coaching, like Alchemists, we focus our efforts on the transformation of your current situations into a brilliant life of balance, health and yes… Happiness.

There is much talk in the news today about the pursuit of happiness. We all want it, need it, deserve it and yes, we have no idea what IT is. As a Life Coach, my perspective on happiness is that it is a fluid, organic, linear state of being with varying degrees of depth and consistency. The goal of the work I do is to help you create and discover your own unique definition of happiness, and then build a path to living it.

There are a number of key " lifestyle components " , which contribute to creating a sense of strength, balance and stability in our lives, the building blocks of Happiness. As part of the Alchemy of Happiness program, I will coach you through evaluating, challenging and reconstructing the following " lifestyle components " for yourself:

Relationships and Communication Skills The ability to create and engage in long term, healthy and intimate relationships is critical to Happiness. It is through intimate relationships that you get to " see " your true Self in action. The experience of interacting with family, friends and co-workers in an honest loving manner confirms your beliefs in yourself and the world. It is through these relationships that you define your personal beliefs, build supportive communities and celebrate your " Happiness " .

Job Satisfaction and Financial Stability The degree to which you are satisfied with the way you make a living and the how you are able to live on the money you earn is a critical component of the Alchemy of Happiness. If you ' re like most people, do you define who you are by your profession, job or career. I am a " fill in the blank " . But aren ' t you much more than that? Your career should fuel you, should give you pleasure and should allow you the time and finances to enjoy time with your family, friends and community. We can ' t all be Rock Stars, but each one of us can love our jobs just as much.

Physical Health, Emotional Balance and Stress Management Skills As the saying goes, " if you don ' t have your health, you don ' t have anything. " . This component of The Alchemy of Happiness is the true nuts and bolts of the process. It is here that you will acquire real life skills and tools for your journey. The holistic approach of bringing balance to your physical, emotional and spiritual worlds starts where you are now. By knowing where you are, we can decide where you want to go, build a plan of how to get there, gather the tools you ' ll need for your journey and travel that path together until you reach your goal. Most importantly, we will find what works for you in your everyday life. Because it is here and now that your journey begins.

Name: Laura L. Jones

Phone: 732-546-0550



Country/Area: USA/Canada