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Personal Life Coaching in County Durham

With Larry Lewis

Eliminate all your stress, tension and anxiety with Stress Management Coaching.

We provide Stress Management Coaching for individuals who are overwhelmed with stress. Empowering them to make positive life changes and provide the best tools and techniques to support these changes.

If you're having trouble with stress at work,
If you can't find happiness in your personal relationships,
If you can't get a grip on your moods and emotions,
If you find yourself so upset or tense at times that you just can't get much of anything done, Stress coaching can help!

Whether you are struggling with daily life stress because of personal loss, job situation or low self esteem, learning to cope with daily life stress is critical to making life run smoothly. You can get immediate help from the Lifestyle Coach.

We provide creative solutions to our clients to reduce stress, make positive changes, improve their health and enhance their quality of life. We provide our clients with the resources and tools necessary for dealing with their day-to-day stress in a positive and cost-effective manner. Clients will learn their most effective ways of dealing with stress.

We offer options that include phone consultations and individual face to face sessions.

If you are serious about reducing your stress levels and improving your health and mental well-being, contact the lifestyle coach today for a free initial stress review consultation session.

Name: Larry Lewis

Phone: 01388661888



Country/Area: County Durham