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Personal Life Coaching in London And Kent

With Kerry Hales

My coaching is based on emotional intelligence and vitality. I am a solution orientated coach - if you know you want we can find a way to get there with your vitality and sense of humour intact!

My business background is founded in the National Health Service where I gained a wealth of experience in how to find solutions within limited resources and instituitionalised ideas - if you can find a new way in the Health Service you can find one anywhere!

I have been coaching since 2004. I have a degree in Psychology and Communuication, over five years of study with MacKenzie International Consulting and I am in the process of gaining my accreditation to the International Federation of Coaches via The International Coaching Academy.

I love what I do but more importantly my clients love what we do. We find ways for them to get more of what they want in a way where they can start to laugh at life and live the life they want now...

I coach on a one to one basis for a limited number of clients and also hold one day seminars and co-coach two evening seminars each month. Something for everyone. Please contact me only if you are interested in looking at how to do things differently... and are prepared to start to laugh at how you have set up your life so far... go on... it's your life after all!

Name: Kerry Hales

Phone: Kerry Hales



Country/Area: London And Kent