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Personal Life Coaching in Sussex/SouthEast/UK

With Katrina Ebeling

Life Coaching and Decluttering focus your efforts on what it is you want to achieve and help to create significant change, maximize your skills and transform your space effectively. I offer local face to face coaching and Decluttering within 15 miles of Brighton. Telephone coaching can be anywhere in the UK.

My role as a Life Coach is one of facilitator. I encourage my clients to explore their priorities and reach their goals. As one client reflected, 'It was great to know that I had the answers within myself and all I needed was a little coaxing.' Jeff, Brighton

I worked in Education for 18 years before my own Life Journey changed direction. This change was partly due to life experiences and inspired by the work and ethos of Life Coach Rhonda Britten. Life Coaching and Clutter Management was the next step for me.

Plan positive steps to reach your goals and make a difference. You often have more choices than you first realize. As you are reading this, you probably have an area of your life that you would like to change! Life Coaching is a positive way of managing the clutter in any area of your life.
What is really important to you?
What needs to change?
What would you like to do more of?
How can you achieve your goals?

Have a look at my website to get a feel of who I am and how Decluttering or Life Coaching would help you.

Take that first step and contact me.

Name: Katrina Ebeling

Phone: 01273 308182



Country/Area: Sussex/SouthEast/UK