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Personal Life Coaching in East Midlands, United Kingdom

With KKB Lifecoaching

With KB lifecoaching, you will benefit from a practitioner experience of using Cognitive behavioural Therapy, Brief Solution Focussed Therapy and Motivational Techniques. KB life coaching will help individuals to build motivation to change behaviours, study personal belief systems that may inhibit goal achievement, use methods to set and achieve goals, manage emotions such as anger, depression and boredom more effectively, reduce and cope more effectivly with stress, increase ability to problem solve,reduce irrational behaviour, improve decision making, weight loss, improve social network and increase and improve self control.

KB life coaching have specialist treatment tools for working with addictive behaviours which may be effecting you and the people around you. For example substance misuse (recreational or daily use), Alcohol misuse,smoking,food addictions e.t.c

First treatment session is free and will be used to establish and agree a individual treatment plan. In addition this will be a chance to get to know the practitioner and ask them about their experience and success in this area of work.

Name: KKB Lifecoaching

Phone: 07946450508


Website: N/A

Country/Area: East Midlands, United Kingdom