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Personal Life Coaching in Buckinghamshire, UK Wide, Worldwide

With Julie Fordham

Julie Fordham is a Certified Life Coach,who trained with the internationally renowned CoachU.

Julie supports and partners with all Super Busy Women - Women Professionals, Business Women, Working and Stay at Home Mums, who feel that as their daily to-do list increases, their energy levels decrease. To the outside world, they appear organised, successful and happy. The reality is once they are home they are often too tired at the the end of the day to call a friend, who they have been meaning to catch up with for the last six months, spend quality time with the children or even pick up the book they have been meaning to read.

Julie assists her clients to create more balanced, more focused and more fulfilling lives. She helps them develop strategies to effectively juggle the challenges and demands of a successful career/and or parenting with a fulfilling personal life. When our lives are out of balance all aspects of our lives are affected, leading to stress, a lack of focus, or just being "stuck in a rut".

Julie is passionate about helping her clients to discover who they truly want to be, to achieve the goals or dreams that they want to achieve. Through her coaching, Julie offers support, perspective and accountability, as she works towards helping her clients carve more time out for themselves, to get them climbing out of their "rut" and moving forward.

Julie coaches over the phone so it doesn't matter where you live to work with her and you don't have to find more time to travel to meet her!

Visit for further information on how coaching with Julie can change you from super busy to super focused.

Name: Julie Fordham

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Country/Area: Buckinghamshire, UK Wide, Worldwide