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Personal Life Coaching in London / Surrey, UK

With Julia Barnickle

Would you like to enjoy a more fulfilling, inspired, and joyful life?

Many of us reach a stage in our lives where we wonder how we got here and whether it ' s too late to go back to the things that really mattered to us when we were younger.

Sometimes the realisation comes as a result of a crisis, such as redundancy, major illness, divorce or bereavement. Sometimes we just wake up one day and wonder where our lives went.

It ' s never too late - or too soon - to re-assess what ' s important to you, and to start living according to your values.

Let me help you:

  • Find inspiration and fulfilment
  • Make time for yourself and for the things you enjoy
  • Discover or re-kindle your innate talents
  • Define a vision for yourself, your career or your business
  • Re-ignite your sense of adventure and fun
  • Manage the demands of others
  • Build confidence in yourself and in your abilities
  • Develop your true potential
  • Prepare yourself for the best, rather than the worst
  • Solve problems more creatively
  • Accept the present, so that you can change the future
  • Gain support for your dreams and aspirations
  • Find ways to express yourself in all aspects of your life
  • Overcome fear and indecision
  • Lead a more creative life
  • Deal effectively with day-to-day pressures
  • Save your energy for the things that really matter

I offer personal life coaching, creativity coaching and executive coaching, face-to-face and by telephone, to individuals, small business owners, managers and teams.

Name: Julia Barnickle

Phone: 0845 838 7906



Country/Area: London / Surrey, UK