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Personal Life Coaching in North Wales And By Phone Anywhere

With Judy Barber, Confidence, Creativity, Clarity And Communication

My coaching is helpful conversations for intelligent people. Topics may range through relationships, business, work, wellbeing, family, finances, making decisions, confidence, creativity, how to run workshops, writing and whatever else is important on your life-agenda. I work on the phone with you wherever you are or in person in North Wales.Currently I have amazing clients in four different countries

I'm a published author and my book 'Good Question! the Art of Asking Questions to bring About Positive Change' got to Number One in the Mind, Body and Spirit section of Amazon. Being asked the right question at the right time is an invaluable part of having a coach, and so is having someone who will listen with kindness, attention and objectivity. I offer you all that and more.

My clients are up to all sorts of interesting things and appreciate having a sounding board when they are stuck, when they want to generate fresh ideas and when they want to get in touch with what is really true for them. Many work with me for quite a while as they take projects forward and deal with different life issues. Some hire me as their coach in a specific situation and then get back in touch from time to time as they see fit. My clients are people who want to live good lives themselves and for others and who know the value of good communication.Although it's a professional relationship it always has the quality of friendship as well.

After an initial conversation you'll book in by the month for coaching sessions at mutually convenient times, and you'll be able to email me and make short calls in between.

I bring a variety of skills and years of experience to my coaching. You can find out more about me and what I offer by visiting my website,

I hope you enjoy reading my blog at . That's a good way to get to know me and there you can join my mailing list and download my free e-book 'How to Dance in the Conversation'. You can read about 'Good Question!' and order your copy there too. I'll be posting details of my workshops as they come along.

I wish you well in every area in your life and you are very welcome to make contact with me.

Name: Judy Barber, Confidence, Creativity, Clarity And Communication

Phone: 01492596744



Country/Area: North Wales - And By Phone Anywhere