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Personal Life Coaching in North East England

With Jonathan Munro

Now more than ever before it is important to develop
the capacity to deal with the challenge of living in this stressful, ever changing world.

To live happily and healthily in today’s modern society and achieve balance, focus and be able to achieve our aspirations we are often required to explore new ideas.

The majority of people are prepared to invest a sizeable proportion of their income or savings in property, a car or even a hobby such as golf. People don’t however tend to invest time and effort in the most important thing of all, you and your aspirations.

Neuva Personal Development offers you the opportunity to do just that and invest in a new beginning. For some, addressing a long lasting issue such as relationship challenges or anger management is an important but neglected priority. Others lack direction and wish they knew how to enhance their career, leisure time or relationships. If you feel unfulfilled, wish to achieve your aspirations and are only interested in quality solutions then Neuva Personal Development is for you.

Neuva Personal Development is genuinely interested in meeting you and
working collaboratively to produce a personalised development plan to help you. Together we will create the life you want.

Name: Jonathan Munro

Phone: 0845 519 1899



Country/Area: North East England