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Personal Life Coaching in Worldwide By Skype UK Based

With John Gloster Smith

My profile

What might move you to work with me as a Life Coach?

I work with people who are questioning their direction, have obstacles to overcome on their life path, feel frustrated by seemingly not being able to manifest their dreams, sense that there is something much better that they could be doing. I work with people who look for someone to act as a sounding board, a source of new ideas, a challenge to their patterns of thinking, a stimulant to new directions and actions, a resolution of difficulties on the path, a fulfilment of ambitions.

I have a life experience of developing people and helping them achieve their potential. I know what it takes and I know the ways we can get stuck. I have a very strong interest in people and in helping people grow psychologically, know more of who they really are, become more self-aware, discover more of their true potential, become successful, and achieve what they really want. And I get my buzz from knowing that they have become successful, that the work has been worthwhile.

People come for coaching for many reasons that reflect the variety of life itself. They may want to create a new relationship, manage their relationships better, or get out of one that is not longer working. They may want to leave their jobs and start out on their own. They may be feeing frustrated by how their career is going - or not! They may be struggling to build a business and need the support, steer and challenge to get them going. They may want to create a wholly better lifestyle. They may want to move to where in the world their heart sings - and want to bring the cash flow with them! They may be looking right now at a fabulous view and want to live there - and wonder how.

All this is about the management of personal and life change, the creation of new possibilities and above all getting results.

What life coaching offers you

Coaching is ideal for helping you manage change because it

  • Creates great, motivating goals and powerful ways of getting there
  • Helps you get your thoughts clear
  • Challenges you where you need to be challenged
  • Gives you a stimulating sounding board
  • Helps you explore what gets in the way so that you can let it go
  • Gets closure around unfinished business
  • Gives you powerful tools to make changes
  • Builds your emotional and spiritual intelligence
  • Creates self-confidence and self-awareness

And this is how life coaching works

It's a shared activity, where you take responsibility and are helped to make powerful choices

Your coach will

  • Give a free initial conversation so that you can try out it out a little and see if you like it
  • Help you decide on what you want to get out of your coaching, your goals
  • Agreeing with you a plan, a coaching program
  • Manage the sessions to keep on track
  • Be right there with you when you need that, respect your space and decisions when you need that too, and be mindful always of your goals
  • Help you try out or experiment with ideas in practice, so that it stays practical and grounded in the real world
  • Challenge you when you need it and are ready for it
  • Be 100% committed to your growth and fulfilment
  • Affirm your essential worth and value as a human being, irrespective of how your life is showing up at present or has done
  • Work by phone - or face to face if preferred. Phone support means you can be anywhere in the world, so long as you can speak in English!
  • Give e-mail support between sessions if needed
  • Maintain confidentiality

As I also use a psycho-spiritual dimension in our coaching, we can tap into resources that help you overcome deeper obstacles to progress. However, I don't do psychotherapy or counselling and if you need that, I can refer you on to other, more appropriate support.

And who am I?

My background is originally in education and since 1991 in business consultancy, where I am an expert at the art of working personal and group dynamics for personal, group and organisational growth and change. I've done my own personal journeying since 1988 and have learned about myself, where I can get stuck and how I can move myself forward. I have trained in hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and spiritual self-awareness. I particularly trained in Gestalt psychology for over 4 years, which taught me how to work powerfully in the moment, ask powerful questions, heighten awareness and use that awareness to help people recognise where they are stuck and develop their own powerful insights to move on.

I am a very experienced life coach and executive-coach, facilitator, and a Leadership and personal development and business consultant, with a background of consulting with major corporates. I train people nationally in the art of facilitating at emotionally challenging levels, deliver retreat centre personal development programmes, and - most recently - laughter training.

Name: John Gloster-Smith

Phone: +44 (0)1249 813 188



Country/Area: Worldwide By Skype - UK-Based