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Personal Life Coaching in United Kingdom, Cheshire, Chester

With Jane Ellis

Have you longed to change, but lack the motivation, direction, not to mention the confidence to do anything about it?

Do you feel overwhelmed by everything that you feel you have to do?

Are you going round and round in circles and can't see a clear way out?

Do you feel frustrated that nobody seems to listen to you?

Have you lost your confidence and self esteem?

Are you bored with feeling worthless and second rate?

The good news is that you can change all this right now!

When you choose to work with me, we'll identify and eliminate the destructive thought and behaviour patterns that are currently preventing you from achieving your true potential.
We'll discover how you are when you're at your best and build on all of your strengths to achieve your goals.

Here are my credentials:

  • Professionally trained Performance Coach. Master Practitioner of NLP. Confidence Coach. NVC Facilitator. Qualified in Child Development.
  • Passionate about working with individuals to enable them to make significant positive changes in their lives and eliminate limiting beliefs.
  • Special interest in confidence coaching and effective communication, especially within relationships and families.

I mainly coach by telephone or Skype which enables me to coach individuals, throughout the UK and internationally.

Name: Jane Ellis

Phone: 07889 362717



Country/Area: United Kingdom, Cheshire, Chester