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Personal Life Coaching in London/UK

With JISTA Coaching Janiece Taylor

"Thank you for helping me, these sessions are priceless. I feel I'm able to move from stuck in a rut to genuine progress without too much pain" - client

Welcome to JISTA Coaching.

Your coach

Janiece is a professional, qualified coach offering life coaching, career coaching and corporate coaching services to her clients.

With Janiece you will discover new insights and perspectives. She will help you increase your self-awareness, identify and help you overcome the obstacles that are holding you back, by establishing strategies and actions that help you reach your desired goals.

Her coaching style is open and relaxed but focussed, objective and empathetic. Along with her intuitive nature, her coaching style is non-judgemental; she will actively listen to you and tell you the truth but with compassion. The coaching relationship with Janiece is flexible where there is mutual trust and respect.

Experience & qualifications

Janiece's background is in Human Resources Management where she has 15+years experience working with people. Janiece also volunteers in the local community and in communities abroad, where she works on various individual and community projects.

Janiece is degree qualified in Psychology and has coaching qualifications from the Life Coaching Institute and the Coaching Academy. She also has HR, Financial Markets and TEFL qualifications.

Coaching options and programmes

JISTA Coaching has a flexible array of coaching options and coaching programmes available.

With all JISTA services, you can choose any single coaching option to meet your needs, or indeed a combination of the various coaching options. Our coaching programmes offer variety and flexibility to fit with your lifestyle and coaching requirements.

What clients say

Please visit the JISTA Coaching website to read the testimonials from people who have worked and achieved results with Janiece.

"This is immensely beneficial, you are helping me change my life rapidly" - client

Name: JISTA Coaching - Janiece Taylor

Phone: 0844 736 5819



Country/Area: London/UK