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Personal Life Coaching in UK And Ireland

With Gregg Consulting

Hi I'm Andy Gregg.

I am a life coach, working with people who are making significant changes in their lives, dealing with uncertainty, who want help making decisions about the priorities of life, and to grow in whatever area personal success is for them.

Change can be difficult, and as someone who has worked through many changes in my life I know that having someone who will listen, share my values, support my vision, and broaden my perspective (and also to keep me accountable) has been very important for me to realise my vision and purpose in life.

And this is what I do for you - I support my family of clients through change to a better future: preparing, strategizing, planning... and having fun... making a time of change a positive experience... a time to grow.

Thanks for reading this, and if you're interested in accelerating your personal growth, or feel the need of someone who cares, give me a call or drop me a line.

Have a super day,

Blessings, Andy

Name: Gregg Consulting

Phone: 028 9442 9162



Country/Area: UK And Ireland