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Personal Life Coaching in Glasgow Based Covering UK And Europe

With Graham Walkinshaw

I have been working with people and on myself for over 25 years, coming to coaching after many years as a counsellor, group worker and organisational consultant. I have dipped my toes and paddled in many waters and taken many journeys of discovery through my own personal learning about a wide range of subjects including Feng Shui, Indigenosity of the Soul, Furniture and Drum making, Scuba Diving, Motorcycling and things Quantum.

Amongst the following I am offering individual/group Coaching and Leadership sessions as a Co-Active Coach;

Course and conference organizing and developing;

Bespoke courses and community development work;

Research and development reports;

Training and development work in the homelessness and dependency field directly with service users in training and support roles as well as supporting service user involvement.

I worked for a year on a sessional basis in a Scottish hardwood furniture design and production workshop (Scottish Borders);

I offer Craft workshops based on north American native cultural work as well as individual commissions ( Drums & Rattles)

Individual counselling and mentoring work.

Name: Graham Walkinshaw

Phone: +44 (0)141 424 3490



Country/Area: Glasgow Based - Covering UK And Europe