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Personal Life Coaching in North East England

With EnRichment Coaching

How s life? Are you happy, contented and relaxed? Motivated and excited by the possibilities before you? Or are you feeling stressed, pressurised, struggling against the clock and juggling priorities whilst harbouring the suspicion that this is not the life you imagined when you were younger!? Or are you just bored!?

Perhaps your life has lost direction and focus and you feel you are drifting away from what is important.

Often, we simply lose sight of our true values and priorities and we become bogged down in the every day, real time issues of modern life; the job, the mortgage, the administration, doing the dishes! The good news is that everyone already has within them the resources to get back on track. The ideas, energy and drive to refocus towards a happier, more fulfilling, exciting and passionate life awaits discovery in each of us. This is where working with a coach can help.

Name: EnRichment Coaching

Phone: 07734 799 159



Country/Area: North East England