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Personal Life Coaching in Yeovil, Somerset

With Emotive Coaching Claire Boot

Our Vision

' Empowering individuals to use the strength and ability of their own mind and emotions, enabling them to create the life they have always wanted '

My name is Claire Boot founder of Emotive Coaching in January 2006. Prior to becoming a coach I worked in Human Resources, People Management and Sales & Marketing in a corporate environment for 10 years. I left my career behind in January 2006 as a Sales and Marketing Director to start my new career as a ' life and workplace coach ' .

I have always been fascinated and passionate about people and behaviours. I wanted to understand why some people ' s lives are considered good, others great, whilst some were clearly discontent, un fulfilled and un happy. I then took the step to qualify as a coach and studied to understand these questions in my mind. In November 2005 I hired my own life coach and planned the launch of ' Emotive Coaching ' .

Emotive Coaching works with clients on an individual basis to transform lives. Using a non judgemental, purposeful listening process, that guides and challenges clients to create the lives that they have always wanted.

My commitment to you

We are about to embark on a journey together and my intention is too do for you what my ' life coaches ' have done for me.

I will think of you, speak to you and work along side you with absolute faith in you and your ability to achieve anything you want. I will have high expectations for you and I will demand the very best from you.

My promise to you is

* Firstly to believe in you totally and I will demonstrate this by taking you and your desires seriously
* Secondly I will encourage and challenge you to show faith in yourself and to believe in yourself. I will constantly motivate you and your self-belief so that it will grow and flourish and with it your confidence as well.
* Thirdly, together we will define a plan of action for achieving your goals and desires. This will enable me to keep you motivated and on track towards the fulfilment of your dreams.

What I expect from you

I coach from the heart and I expect in return honesty and the utmost integrity when we enter this partnership together. I will challenge you and stretch you outside your comfort zones to allow you to explore your absolute potential you have inside you.

The only difference between what you really want and what you have is your mind. I will work with you to break down any limited and conditioned belief system that you have. I will guide, analyse and motivate you to pursue the life you have always wanted

The commitment to yourself

Motivation - The most important factor of all and is a measure of how much you want to bring change to your life. Motivation is the key to starting you off and keeping you going. Are you truly ready for change?

Self-Belief - The degree to which you believe you are worthy and deserving of the good things that you are about to bring to your life. Without self-belief you will sabotage and resist these good things. You must be willing, with my help, to increase your self-belief.

Self-Discipline - This is a vital quality. When the going gets tough it will be your self-discipline that ' s keeps you on the right path and moving forward. It is easy to work hard and go for things when all is well, but change will always involve an amount of discomfort and there maybe be days when you don ' t feel like trying anymore. You need to look deep inside yourself at this point for your discipline to keep you going.

Willingness to challenge - This is about willing to challenge yourself and everything you know, including things that you have been conditioned to believed about yourself and your life. The challenge is necessary to create new ways of thinking and being, allowing whole new possibilities into your life. If you stick with the comfortable and familiar you ' ll rule out the new and end up staying just where you are.

Name: Emotive Coaching - Claire Boot

Phone: 07766005745



Country/Area: Yeovil, Somerset