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Personal Life Coaching in Worcester

With Eileen Alana Clynes

I am a professional qualified coach with a passion for helping people who want to make positive changes in their personal,professional or spiritual life. I believe in the uniqueness and potential for genius within every individual. My experience is wide and varied spanning over 30 years in areas such as Education,Training, Holistic Health and Well Being.

How Can I Help You?

As your coach I can listen to you, help you recognise what's important to you and your life, to recognise and utilse your strengths, how to set powerful goals, and find a step by step process to achieving them one by one, so that you can move forward with confidence.

I use a creative approach and access a range of skills and techniques to help you align with your own unique inner power.

You are welcome to have free 30 min consultation to find out how coaching can benefit you.

Name: Eileen Alana Clynes

Phone: 07738596053



Country/Area: Worcester