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Personal Life Coaching in U.K.


Margaret Hall and e-motions can offer you a safe and confidential place to discover areas of your life that you want to improve; before setting powerful goals, exploring beliefs and barriers which may prevent you from achieving your goals, and working on daily action steps so that you can achieve your true potential. YOU can change your life.

Although most of my work is face-to-face, you may prefer to our sesions to be by telephone or email.


1. I will help you to increase your motivation, self confidence and morale enabling you to be more focused and motivated in the work place or any other area of your life.

2. I will help you to remove the barriers that stand between you achieving your full potential.

3. I will have one-to-one, honest open discussions with you to gain clarity around the changes you want to make and agree a tailored approach to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

4. I will help you to increase your skills and capabilities by empowering you to make positive changes in your attitudes and behaviour.

5. I will be 100% committed to your goals and will help you achieve them during your life coaching experience.

6. I will be professional, ethical and confidential in all areas of my life coaching practice.


Phone: 07890 909547



Country/Area: U.K.