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Personal Life Coaching in UK Midlands Leicestershire

With Dr Ravi Kanta Powar

My love for people gives rise to the following Mission Statement I employ as a Life Coach when working with my clients.

"To enable people through support, guidance and working together to be better placed in making their own decisions, being more focused and in charge of their lives to attain their dreams and aspirations"

I have worked with clients in the areas of marital, family, career, financial, confidence, addictions and with clients generally feeling lost.

I draw on my experiences as a counsellor and the knowledge and expertise I have gained over the last twenty-five years from numerous courses, qualifications and from life. At present I am studying further to add to my expertise.

Alongside this I have an enriched working history that has consisted of working in various business domains in the public, private and voluntary sectors. I am also a qualified lecturer.

In my senior management roles I have been able to implement the concept of "Learning Organisations" whilst studying for my MBA during 1992 to 1995. My thesis for the MBA looked at "The Concept of Learning Organisations"

I have held various positions working in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years and enjoyed many successes and have passed the ABPI

My other interests include properties and as a result I have specialised in the area of property management over the last twenty years. I am the first woman and the second student in the UK, to be awarded a DBA, a doctorate in business management in 2003 in which I looked at the “Ways to Increase Investment in the Private Rented Sector” for my thesis, to academically support the practical experience in property management. I also have the CRLM, the Certificate in Residential Management.

People describe me as having great interpersonal skills, fantastic ability to network and a person that enjoys challenges, dynamic, innovative in style with great entrepreneurial skills and a great driver that gets things done.

I thrive on results, so please do make contact!

Thank you,

Dr R K Powar

Name: Dr Ravi Kanta Powar

Phone: 07962 342 140



Country/Area: UK Midlands-Leicestershire