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Personal Life Coaching in NORTH EAST ENGLAND


My name is Derrick Eldrett and I am a certified life coach.

Much of my life has been challenging having encountered many people and situations and all with no real direction. A chance meeting with a life coach made me realise that the only place I truly lived was in the present, it was the only place I could influence change for the better. A dictionary will tell you that the noun “present” means “something given to bring pleasure” and reading this advertisement is your present, your now,and also your gift, an opportunity to give yourself a future you have only dreamed of.

Whatever your challenge in life take action, as inaction will mean your now will be with you tomorrow and the day after………and for the rest of your life.

Life coaching is not a quick panacea for your future. Life Coaching is a process which focuses solely on you and in doing so I will help you recognize where you are now (the present) and realise where you actually want to be. Having done so I will assist you in setting inspiring, achievable goals and support, motivate and challenge you in achieving them, but you will put in the effort and the excitement of the journey will only be surpassed by the satisfaction of exceeding those goals.

So, no more looking back, no more inaction, your future is in your hands.

As I said my name is Derrick Eldrett and I am a Certified Life Coach based in the North East of England.

If what you have read stirs you to action, you can arrange an initial exploratory discussion by leaving your details at


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