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Personal Life Coaching in West Midlands, UK

With Style Coaching With Debra

There is a terrible condition that is little known and not recognized by many. It seems to creep up gradually over the years, is chaperoned by the whispering voice of doubt and fear, and egged on by ghosts of the past. The symptoms may include occasional creative splurges followed by sleepless nights, bouts of soul searching, an increase in doubt and self-criticism and then eventually, your creativity wanes and the flow dries up. This condition is called Creative Amnesia. Fear not though - help is at hand! Debby Carter, a Creativity Coach, a ex-amnesiac herself, specialises in helping people to explore and uncover their creative potential through one to one work or small group workshops.

Name: Style Coaching With Debra

Phone: 07970 064 614



Country/Area: West Midlands, UK